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Are Your Neighbor’s Windows Melting Your Vinyl Siding?

Solar distortion – that’s what authorities say when your vinyl siding melts due to reflected sunlight. This problem is prevalent, and it’s costs users too much money.

Vinyl siding is the most popular type of home siding. It’s practical, beautiful, and durable. However, it is susceptible to melting.

What Causes Your Siding to Warp?

According to experts, your neighbor’s energy-efficient windows trigger your house siding to melt. The glasses used by such windows act like a magnifying glass. The light beam burns anything in its path; thus, resulting in vinyl siding melting.

However, it’s only a rare case as what experts say. This happens when your neighbor’s windows are facing the south, or if the sun hits the glass windows directly.

Can Manufacturers Replace Your Siding if the Reason Is Heat Damage?

Melted vinyl siding is a widespread problem because Low-E windows are becoming more prevalent. Unfortunately, manufacturers cannot replace your siding if energy-efficient windows cause the damage. Either you have to deal with it and repair the issue by yourself, or talk to your neighbor about it.

What to Do When Your Siding Is Warping?

Doing vinyl siding repair is one of the things that you can do to fix the issue. You can replace the vinyl material with Hardieboard. It looks like a conventional vinyl siding but is more resistant to heat. Furthermore, it won’t crack or melt, even when exposed to extreme heat. However, it costs more than an ordinary siding and takes a lot of time to install.

Thus, it is best if you could talk to your neighbors and ask them if they could install a sun protection tool. There are several devices that you can recommend to your neighbors. You can suggest awnings or Turf Guard window films. But which is a better option?


Awnings can either be a retractable roof or a replacement window. They block the sunlight; thus, preventing their windows from ruining your insulated vinyl siding. However, your neighbor may not like this idea as these tools could darken the house interior.

Turf Guard Window Films

If you want to make it a win-win situation, you may suggest Turf Guard Window Film. Our films have anti-glare properties that absorb heat and reduce reflection. Furthermore, our products don’t compromise lighting because of our clear perforated films.

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