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Artificial Lawn Grass Maintenance: How to Do It?

There’s no denying that natural grass does look good. However, maintaining a beautiful lawn at home is also hard and time-consuming, and it entails so much work: from planting the grass right up to the regular maintenance that it requires. For this reason, the trend of using artificial grass has been increasing. The best quality synthetic grass looks as pretty as natural grass but is far easier to maintain.

There are just a few simple artificial lawn grass maintenance steps you need to follow to make sure that your artificial turf at home looks fresh and inviting all the time.

Regularly Clean the Turf

Over time, there will be dust accumulated on your artificial grass as well as dirt and some debris. When these tiny things are not removed, it can cause your beautiful turf to look unappealing. It is important to regularly clean your artificial turf before any dirt accumulates as part of your artificial lawn grass maintenance.

For this, you can use your regular garden vacuum or a lawn sweeper. You can also use a leaf blower to remove dirt and fallen leaves from your turf.

Brush the Grass Regularly

If you want your synthetic turf to look as natural as it can get, brushing it regularly is a must. Blades of natural grass stand upright, and this should also be the case with your artificial turf. You can use a stiff brush for this, or a kind of brush that has synthetic bristles that can also keep the blades standing upright and aligned.

If you have a wide turf area, brushing all the parts regularly can be very tiring and time-consuming. You don’t actually have to do this. However, make sure to brush the grass in high traffic areas so you can restore it to its former beauty.

Rinse the Turf with Water as Often as You Can

Some of the dirt in your artificial turf might not be totally removed by sweeping. One of the best artificial lawn grass maintenance steps you can do to make sure it’s always clean is to rinse it with water as often as you can.

You can also use a mild detergent or some mineral spirits to clean stains from the turf.

Use Some Turf Guard Window Film

Artificial lawn grass maintenance is not enough to keep the beauty of your turf on its own. You need enough protection especially from the turf’s primary cause of damage which is the heat reflected from windows. The window reflection can damage artificial grass and often causes it to melt. To prevent any damage to your artificial lawn grass, visit our website and find out how turf guard window film preserves your turf’s beauty.

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