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Artificial Turf Melting: 3 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Melting artificial turf is a problem that most home and business owners often encounter. It happens even to the best synthetic grass available at the best turf manufacturers today. Having an artificial turf for your home or office landscape can really heighten its visual appearance. But, having a melted artificial turf is not a pleasant view.

Synthetic lawn cost and artificial turf installation vary depending on the grass’ quality. But, even the best artificial turf may soften and melt. There are different factors that contribute to the synthetic grass’ distortion, and the most common is the sun’s reflection from mirrors and windows.

With this, here are the 3 things you should avoid to prevent artificial turf melting and achieve the best looking artificial grass around your area.

Not Providing Sufficient Water To Your lawn

Your artificial lawn requires watering to keep it hydrated and have a cool temperature. It in turn makes your grass less prone to melting in direct sunlight and reflection from your window.

Not Changing The Infills That Hold the Turf

The infills in artificial turfs are the particles that hold the grass blades together. These infills in a way absorb heat coming from the sun and the window reflection. The darker the infills, the more heat absorbed. Thus, not changing the infills is a mistake!

Not installing A Perforated Window Film

Perhaps, this is the worst mistake that you could ever do. The sun’s direct heat on the turf can cause it to melt, but the heat of the sun reflected on windows essentially do more damage. A way to combat this is to install a window film on your windows. A window film can totally stop your artificial turf from melting and at the same time, beautify your home.

Installing a clear perforated window film is perhaps the best solution to prevent artificial turf melting. These window films are packed with heat reflecting technology that blocks heat coming from the sun, and the best thing is they are very easy to set up!

 After it is installed, you can enjoy having a nice landscape around your home or office. Installation may take about two days; one day to excavate and grade three to five inches of soil and another day to roll out the carpet and affix it to the ground. So, protect your artificial turf now! Get a clear perforated window film and combat artificial turf melting!

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