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Artificial Turf Melting: The Cause of a Less Green Grass

A brownish or pale discoloration in your pristine green lawn is a sign of artificial turf melting. It is an unattractive result of intense heat from the reflected sunlight in certain parts of the lawn. It could be considered the “death” of the artificial turf. But what is happening and what can you do about it?

Artificial Grass Is Greener and More Durable than Real Grass

Artificial turfs are good quality artificial grass installed on top of fake sod as an alternative to real and natural grass. The blades are made of polyethylene yarns that simulate natural grass. It is both attractive and practical since it retains its green color through time with minimum maintenance. It has long lifespan without the necessity of watering, trimming or applying fertilizers and pesticides.

Artificial turfs are usually used as grass for sports fields, but it could be applied as residential artificial grass as well. The artificial grass cost per square foot varies depending on the quality. Some sellers also install the material as part of the package, and they also provide warranties.  Unfortunately, melting of turf due to heat is usually not covered by the warranty.

False Grass Dies by Becoming White, Not Brown

One apparent reason for the melting is the direct exposure to flame. However, repeated exposure to concentrated rays of light causes the colors of the fake grass to fade. It also results in the melting of the grass blades to some extent. Natural grass absorbs sunlight to thrive, but it has its limitations. Although false grass does not burst into flames under extreme heat, you could see your artificial turf melting.

Reflections are rays of light that bounces from a shiny material, usually metal or glass. It could be from well-polished barbecue grills or plain window panes. Depending on the location of the reflective material and the angle of the sun, it could concentrate the rays to a certain part of the turf. It is similar to the magnifying glass, although not with the same intensity.

Maintain the Pristine Green Color of Artificial Grass

The polyethylene material found in turf has a high melting point which prevents the artificial grass to melt quickly, but there are times where it is not reliable. Prevention is better than cure. The most convenient and accessible way to prevent the melting and discoloration to happen is by reducing or possibly removing the reflective ability of windows.  Maintain your synthetic green grass by using clear perforated window film to prevent artificial turf melting.

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