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Artificial Turf Melting: Why Fake Grass Needs Tending

Having synthetic grass on your lawn or garden can, in many ways, be more beneficial and practical than natural grass.  The only problem one must face is artificial turf melting. The most common and obvious reason for choosing artificial grass is that it requires much less maintenance. This trait alone already presents with significant advantages.

Benefits Within Benefits

The best artificial lawn reviews agree that one benefit of the low maintenance trait of synthetic grass is the fact that it saves gallons and gallons of water. This means having synthetic grass on your lawn is actually environmentally friendly.

Another perk of using fake grass for your yard is that you needn't worry about the changing seasons. The color and height of the grass remains consistent throughout the year. And one does not need to worry about children and pets either. With artificial green grass, you can let your children and pets play in the yard without worrying about damaging or affecting the growth of the grass.

In short, having artificial turf is perfect for those who do not want to expend valuable time and effort maintaining their lawns. The only apparent problems that one would encounter in having synthetic grass on their lawn or garden would be how to lay fake grass. The only major concern for owners is preventing artificial turf melting.

Does That Mean We Just Leave Our Lawns as They Are?

Of course not! Just like natural grass, synthetic grass also needs attention and protection. You might ask “protection from what?” Well, The only problem that can ruin the best fake grass experience is the problem of artificial turf melting. This is actually caused by window panes and not the sun.

When sunlight is reflected off of a surface, the heat intensifies twice as much so that even the best synthetic lawn melts, as do thick plastics. This would be such a loss considering how much is artificial grass .

When the rays of the sun are reflected by the window panes to the surface of the lawn, it is actually more harmful than direct sunlight alone.

The Hero Against Harmful Window Glare

Thankfully, we have Clear Perforated Window Film. This product is proven to protect artificial turf from harmful glares reflected off of windows while allowing maximum visibility and natural light to enter the house.  Add this product to the synthetic turf cost, and this will present a cost effective combination. Your artificial turf is a significant investment in itself which will save money in the long run, and will last longer by preventing artificial turf melting.

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