🛑 STOP Your ARTIFICIAL TURF from MELTING 🔥 Do-It-Yourself Window Film Solution 😎

Avoid Getting Melted Artificial Grass With Turf Guard Window Film

Many manufacturers are claiming that their products are the best for preventing artificial turf melting. Nonetheless, nothing can beat Turf Guard Window Film. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of using this window screen. However, you need to know first why your plastic grass is disintegrating.

Window Reflection: The Reason Behind the Meltdown of Fake Lawn

One of the primary reasons why your synthetic turf is melting is the window glare. When the sun rises and reaches the Low-E coating of the window, the glass separates the heat from the cold temperature. That way, the air inside the house feels and stays comfortable regardless of the weather.

However, this purpose magnifies the light and transmits it onto your lawn. As a result, it reaches the melting point of artificial turf, causing the field to disintegrate and burn.

Fortunately, you can reduce the effects of window glare. You just need to apply Turf Guard Window Film to your window.

Features and Benefits of Turf Guard

Turf Guard Window Film has several qualities and perks to offer. Here are some of them.

The Film Is Easy to Install

Most solutions for problems concerning melting out in turf require too much time and instructions. In fact, some of them would take up a day before you can get their benefits. However, Turf Guard is different. It only takes a couple of minutes to install the film. You just need to stick it to the outer part of your window and let it do its work.

It Has Anti-Reflective Properties

As mentioned earlier, the window reflection is the main reason why your turf is melting out. However, if you put a Turf Guard film on your windows, you no longer need to deal with window glare. The bug screen-like feature deflects off the light; hence, reducing reflection. With this solution, you no longer need to put some shade on your windows, which dims the house.

It Distributes the Heat Evenly Throughout the Field

Aside from decreasing glare, Turf Guard also ensures that all areas of the lawn get equal amounts of heat. This feature will prevent patchiness and burnt spots as every part gets an even distribution of hot temperature.

It Saves Energy Costs

Because the film is like a bug screen, it allows the invisible light to come into your home. Thus, you no longer need to turn on the lamps in the morning, which helps you save electricity.

You can get all these perks and more if you choose our products. So what are you waiting for? Visit our website and check out our Turf Guard Window Film items!

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