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Awnings vs. Window Perf: Which One Prevents Artificial Turf Damage

Artificial turf has become a popular choice for homeowners and entrepreneurs alike. Compared to natural grass, this one requires little to no maintenance. Moreover, it reduces water consumption as it doesn’t need to be hydrated a lot.

However, as the demand increases so does the damage. Artificial grass users have noticed some brown spots on their fields. There could be one culprit – it’s the sun reflecting off your windows.

As the sun rises, it concentrates the light like a magnifying glass. This could lead to the increase of temperature. Consequently, the artificial turf will burn.

Fortunately, some tools prevent this damage. You can use an awning or a perforated window film. But which one provides better protection for your artificial lawn?

What Is an Awning and How Will It Help in Protecting Your Turf?

An awning is an extra roof that minimizes heat and sun exposure, whether it is outside or inside your house. It can be retractable or stationary. Nevertheless, it helps cut down your energy consumption.

You may ask, “How will it assist in preserving my artificial turf?” Because it is a supplemental roof, it serves as a cover of your lawn. It blocks the UV rays coming from the sun, which is the leading cause of melting or burning. Just unfold the lid for it to serve its purpose.

However, the awning can be a bit expensive. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time to install the shade. Therefore, you need to set it up before the sun rises or before noon, which is the peak hour of heat. That way, it can protect your fake grass from damage caused by window and sun reflections.

Window Perf and Its Benefits to Your Lawn

If you’re looking for a cheaper option to protect your artificial turf, then window perf is the best choice. It is a window film that is used for displaying ads on a building’s window. However, you can also apply it to your home’s windows. Simply stick the film to the glass and peel away the liner, and you’re done.

Aside from the price and the installation process, there are other reasons why you should opt for this solution. For one, it has anti-glare properties. As mentioned earlier, the sun reflection is one of the primary reasons why your fake turf has disintegrated. With the anti-reflective properties, they refract the light off, causing the temperature to decrease. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about turf damage as you will have a beautiful lawn all year.

Which Is a Better Solution?

Awnings and perforated window films are both effective in protecting your synthetic turf. They block the sunlight, and thus, reduce the heat. However, one is cheaper than the other.

If you’re on a tight budget, then you should opt for perforated window films. They are less expensive than awnings. Moreover, they don’t make the room dark as they still let the light come into your house. They also allow you to see the outside view, as they don’t compromise the clarity of your glass windows.

To learn more about perforated window films, and how they protect your artificial turf, go to windowfilmforturf.com

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