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Beginners Guide to Applying Home Window Film on Your Own

A lot of people prefer to do a self-installation of the window film in order to save on labor cost. It may sound difficult, but anybody can actually apply the film with this simple process. If it is your first time in applying home window film, try using a small size film on smaller windows so you can practice.

What you need:

  • Mild soap or baby shampoo
  • Distilled or bottled water
  • Spray bottle
  • Rubber Squeegee
  • Utility knife or razor
  • Tape measure or ruler

Here are the Basic Steps in Applying Your Window Film

  • Cleaning the Glass Window

This is the most important thing to do before applying home window film. Mix 1 tsp. of mild soap or baby shampoo and 1 gallon of water to create a solution and spray the glass window generously. Clean it using a microfiber fabric, then polish the window. All corners should be free from any marks or dust.

Never use ammonia or vinegar when cleaning as this can cause damage to the window film.

  • Cutting the Home Window Film

Measure the length and width of the glass to get its exact dimensions. Then, add an inch on your measurement so the film will perfectly fit in. On a horizontal surface, unroll the window film and cut it.

  • Spraying the Home Window Film

Spray the window film using the solution (1 tsp. of mild soap or baby shampoo and 1 gallon of water) to wet the film. The solution serves as the lubricant on the inner part of the glass.

  • Applying the Home Window Film

Set the window film on your window glass and see to it that the film overlaps the sides of the window glass. Eliminate air bubbles by moving it to the sides using a squeegee or credit card. Trim the excess film using a utility knife or razor.

The film should already stick on the glass in a matter of 30 minutes. It is recommended to apply the window film when the sun is not yet up to avoid exposure from the sun. Too much heat can create streaks on the glass.


  • Handle the window film with care.
  • Do not use degreasing or concentrated detergents for the solution.
  • Applying home window field should not be done under direct sunlight.
  • You can remove the film, but you can’t use it again.

The adhesive will be cured to the glass within days. If you have problems in applying home window film, don’t hesitate to ask help from experts.

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