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Beginner's Guide: What Causes Artificial Turf Melting?

Artificial Turf Melting

All home and business owners who happen to have a dedicated landscape with false or plastic turf grass encounter. It is a lawn problem that is preventable, but may cost you a lot.

Artificial turf for homes and businesses has been a growing trend lately. It is because it adds a nice touch and beauty to every landscape. It adds elegance to your home and visual appeal to your business. Because of its popularity and the wide number of artificial grass for sale, it’s really easy to get one.

Advantages of Using An Artificial Grass To Your Garden

An artificial turf  has the following benefits: requires little maintenance, some types can be laid onto concrete, good for shade, roof terraces, and balconies, water conservation, ideal for landscaping, and no wear and tear.

Artificial turf became so popular because it looks real and is manageable. Sports like football use it on the stadium. Even golf fields use a special artificial putting grass.

An artificial turf has a lot of uses. But, the problem arises when it starts to melt.  Artificial turf installation is costly, especially if you have a wide area. So, the idea of buying new artificial grass is not a viable one.

To prevent grass distortion, the first question to be asked is what causes artificial turf melting? While there are many factors that can contribute to it, two stands out – sun’s heat and reflection.

The sun’s heat is hot enough to cause your artificial turf to melt. It is because the artificial grass does not have any cooling ability just like a real grass.

Another cause is the sun’s reflection. While the sun’s heat already has some damaging effect on a turf, a sun’s heat reflected on windows magnifies the heat further causing damage and melting to your turf.

So, the next question is – how to prevent artificial turf from melting? While there are many answers to this question, the best solution would be the installation of a clear perforated window film.

A clear perforated window film is the best protection against the sun’s reflection. It has the ability to block off the sun’s heat that causes damage and melting to your artificial turf. This solution has been proven effective to totally stop the grass from melting. It’s affordable and easy to install.

So the next time you want to install an artificial turf around your home or office, do not forget to install clear perforated window film to prevent artificial turf melting.

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