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Benefits of Cooling Down Your Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is naturally hotter than natural turf. This is because the blades are made of plastic materials. Thus, if the weather is hot, the turf’s temperature also rises.

However, you should never let your artificial grass reach its melting point. If it exceeds its limit, it will melt or burn. Therefore, it is a must that you keep your turf cool.

Reasons to Cool Down Your Turf

There are several reasons why you should keep your synthetic grass cool. Here are some of them.

  1. Stepping on the Turf Will Be Bearable

During summer, your artificial lawn tends to get hotter. If you step on the turf even for a few seconds, it will scorch your feet. For this reason, you need to keep your lawn cool. This way, your kids and your pets will enjoy playing in your yard, even if it’s hot.

  1. It Makes the Turf Long-Lasting

As mentioned earlier, synthetic grass has a melting point. This limit can reach up to 200oC. Though the melting point is extremely high, it is still susceptible to melting. Thus, you need to keep your lawn cool. Not only will it help you control the heat, it will make the turf long lasting.

  1. It Helps You Save Money

We all know that installing synthetic lawn is a significant investment. Nonetheless, it will help you save money in the long run as it only requires little to no maintenance. You don’t need to mow or add fertilizers as it stays green all year.

However, you can only get these benefits if you keep your fake turf cool. So make sure you do proper maintenance to enjoy these benefits.

Ways to Keep Your Turf Cool

There are several methods to keep your synthetic grass cool. One of the things that you could do is to install an irrigation system. Though this turf requires little to no maintenance, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need water. It is still important as it keeps the lawn clean and fresh. Only install a water system and turn it on to keep the area cool.

Another thing that you could do is to plant trees. Trees do not only make the air cool and clean, but they also serve as protection from the sun. You only need to plant them in areas where the sun’s rays hit the most.

Changing the color of the infill is also a clever way to keep the plastic grass cool and fresh. Darker infills absorb more heat than lighter ones. Hence, if your infill has a darker shade, you need to replace it with a lighter color to reduce its temperature.

Nevertheless, the best solution is to apply a perforated film to your windows. Window perf has anti-reflective properties, and thus, absorbs heat. Consequently, it will keep the turf cool all year.

Nowadays, many companies are selling perforated window films. But if you want to ensure the quality of the window and the safety of your synthetic grass, then you should get Turf Guard Window Film. Go to our website, windowfilmforturf.com, to buy our products.

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