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Benefits of Using Artificial Grass and How to Take Care of It

The market for synthetic turf has been booming now that more people are becoming aware of the benefits of artificial grass. While artificial turf is easy to maintain, there are still things that people can do to take care of the lawn and ensure that it will last for years.

Benefits of Using Artificial Turf

There are a lot of people who can benefit from using artificial grass – families with children, pet owners, and older people. But what do they get from having a synthetic lawn?

  1. Green grass every year.

At some point in the year, real grass will just turn brown and unattractive. This usually happens during winter or at the height of summer. But you won't have that problem with artificial turf as it will remain lush and green the whole year round.

  1. No need for watering or mowing.

One artificial turf benefit is it doesn't require any watering or mowing to maintain its appearance. This is undoubtedly a big thing for busy families who can't spend two to three hours watering the yard or senior citizens who'll have trouble mowing the lawn.

  1. It helps the environment.

Another benefit of using artificial grass is that homeowners can drastically reduce their water consumption. There's also no danger of a chemical run-off to the drains since no fertilizers are used. Plus, there's no carbon emission since no lawn mower is used.

Tips on How to Care for Synthetic Grass

Artificial lawn maintenance is relatively easy to do. A rake or leaf blower is enough to keep the turf clear of debris. For dog waste or other solid waste, plastic bags and scoopers will do the trick.

Even though there's no need to water artificial grass, it should still be sprayed gently with some water every two weeks or so to remove dust or pollen.

Placing a screen or a film on windows will also go a long way to ensure that artificial grass will stay vibrant longer. The heat from energy efficient windows can cause turf to melt or burn. Using a window film will diffuse the reflected light and prevent incidences of turf meltdown.

A synthetic yard is a way to go these days, especially if you want to save time and money. And one way to ensure that your lawn lasts longer is to use Turf Guard Window Film. With Turf Guard, your grass is protected from the heat generated by Low-E windows, minimizing the chance of it melting. So if you want to experience all the benefits of using artificial grass, go for Turf Guard. 

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