Best Lawn Turf Solutions to Protect Your Grass

One of the main reasons why people switch to artificial grass is to reduce lawn care maintenance. Because it is synthetic, it does not need fertilizers, mowing, and even irrigation. However, this does not mean that it does not get damaged. Because fake grass is made of plastic, it is more susceptible to burning and melting.

Fortunately, there are lawn turf solutions that can protect your grass from burning and melting. Of course, you need to do some turf maintenance to extend its lifespan. But before we discuss these solutions, let’s talk about the causes of turf damage.

What Causes Turf Damage?

Several factors contribute to turf damage. One is your surroundings. If you or your neighbors use a polished gutter or any material that re-emits radiative heat, it can cause your fake grass to burn or melt.

Another reason is the direct application of heat. This happens when you light up a fire pit or a food grill outdoors. Sparks can fly all over the place; thus, destroying your fake grass.

Nonetheless, the leading cause of turf damage is your energy-efficient windows. These unique windows reflect heat away to stabilize the room temperature. Since the heat has nowhere else to go, the energy-efficient window pane magnifies the sunlight and bounces it onto your lawn. As a result, it triggers the melting point of artificial grass, which causes it to disintegrate or burn.

What Will Happen if Your Turf Gets Damaged?

Aside from making your house unappealing, it can cause turf burn, which is an abrasion that occurs when someone skids on the fake grass. It can hurt your loved ones, especially your children. Fortunately, you can avoid this circumstance. You only need to apply some lawn turf solutions to your artificial grass.

Lawn Care Tips: How to Prevent Turf Burn?

Aside from giving your lawn some turf care maintenance, you must apply the following lawn solutions:

1. Don’t Start a Fire or Cook Near the Grass

If you want to cook outdoors, you should to set up your grill in the courtyard. That way, you can still enjoy grilling meat without damaging your lawn.

2. Use a Perforated Window Screen

Among all lawn turf solutions, this is the most efficient way to protect your grass from heat damage. Perforated window screens have anti-reflective properties that refract the light off and disperse heat throughout the garden. Hence, you do not have to worry about turf damage caused by the heat.

When looking for a window film solution, make sure that it is Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website to learn more about why our products are the best lawn turf solutions.

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