🛑 STOP Your ARTIFICIAL TURF from MELTING 🔥 Do-It-Yourself Window Film Solution 😎

Best Window Film Choice to Address Artificial Turf Melting

The hot and blinding brightness of sunbeam passing through your window play a big part in leading your indoor synthetic landscape to artificial turf melting. You might not see it now but you will surely regret not installing a glare blocking film in the long run. Here are some signs that tell you  would need to install one now:

Noticeable Color-Faded Patches

Most of the fake grass is used as artificial grass mat that is usually placed in the living room where there are some windows. A few know this but the glare coming from the window causes the natural-looking color of your indoor artificial turf to fade faster than expected. Over time, you would be able to compare the shape of the color-faded area of your synthetic turf and you will notice that the area matches the shape of the glare.

Obviously Wrinkled Areas of the Artificial Turf

Since the fake turf is a synthetic made ornament for artificial grass landscaping and gardening, it would not be able to withstand intense heat from the sun. And since the heat wave is passing through a glass, it is inadvertently magnified.

Meaning, the wave doubles the temperature which then leads to artificial turf melting. The lawn turf prices and its brand does not necessarily determine its strength and durability. For as long as you place it near a window that is prone to heat and glare, it will still be damaged.

You and your family could be enjoying the pleasing look of your synthetic indoor grass accent without being aware of the danger it might cause your health, should it started to melt. Having the best synthetic turf landscape is the best option to give your house interior a touch of nature.

That’s why more and more households are using it indoors. It is also used as a mini indoor landscape embellishment especially for the corporate offices that use indoor fountains that are also placed near glass door corners. Not only it gives an appealing look, but also it catches the occasional water splash in the office compared to using a carpet.

The artificial turf is convenient to use for both outdoor and indoor purposes, but let the clear perforated window film do its job and showcase its glare blocking feature. There is always a solution to any artificial turf melting problem due to window glare and that is through installing the best window film.

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