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Beware of Artificial Grass Melted and How to Spot Them

Has your artificial grass melted? Many people are dealing with this issue. They started noticing the changes in the appearance of their lawns. Moreover, they saw that the field was also shrinking. The question is, what causes your fake turf to disintegrate?

Why Is Your Artificial Grass Melting?

Several contributing factors trigger this phenomenon. It could be due to your cooking equipment, mirror, polished gutter, or even your fences. Nonetheless, the leading cause of artificial grass melted is your energy-efficient windows. When the sun rises in the right direction and hits the coating of your Low-E window, it intensifies the UV and IR rays and transmits them on your fake lawn. As a result, it disintegrates your field, making your property uninviting.

How to Identify if Your Turf Starts Melting Out?

It is easy to determine if the plastic grass begins to disintegrate. First, check if there is discoloration. If you see some dull colors on your field, it means that it has reached the melting point of the artificial grass.

Another indication is the temperature of the turf. Monitor the heat between 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM. If you cannot touch it for 5 seconds, it means that your artificial grass has melted.

You can even check the size of your lawn. Know the original size of the garden. After doing this, measure the dimension of the field.  Has it shrunk? If that is the case, then your synthetic turf is melting.

Lastly, check the appearance of your shadow. This tactic will tell you if the cause of the problem is your Low-E windows. Stand in the area where you see the mentioned signs and look at your silhouette. A light shadow means that your energy-efficient window is causing the problem.

How to End Melting out in Turf?

There are a couple of ways to stop this damage on your plastic grass. First, you need to change the infill. Infills do not only offer potential health risks;they also absorb more heat as opposed to other materials, especially when the color is dark. You can replace it with the rubber as it does not absorb too much heat and is safer to use.

However, this is not enough. You may have changed the infill, but it could still disintegrate in the future. Thus, you need to apply perforated window screen to your window. This product reduces glare through refraction and distributes the heat evenly. That way, all areas of the lawn will get the same amount of temperature.

To make sure you get these benefits, then choose Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website and find out how our products work when your artificial grass has melted.

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