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Can You Prevent the Effect of Reflected Heat on Your Fake Lawn?

Fake lawn has replaced natural grass over the past few years. Many people have decided to switch to this type of field as it needs little to no maintenance. Moreover, it adds beauty not only to your property but your neighborhood as well. However, synthetic grass tends to melt or burn due to the sun reflecting off your window.

How Does Reflected Heat Affect Your Turf?

As mentioned earlier, your fake lawn could disintegrate because of the sun’s reflection. This happens when the sun’s rays hit the glass window. The glazing acts like a magnifying glass, concentrating the beam of light and heat onto a small spot. As a result, the temperature rises, causing the artificial grass to melt.

Unfortunately, reflected heat doesn’t only harm your fake lawn. It could also kill your natural turf and distort your vinyl siding, making your home uninviting.

Can You Prevent Reflected Heat From Damaging Your Lawn?

Many people want to know if reflected heat is preventable. Of course, it is! But first, you need to know where the heat is coming from. You can do this by monitoring the temperature of your synthetic turf. Do this between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM as these are the hours in which the sun shines the brightest. If the cause is your energy-efficient windows, you may consider the following options:

Use Awnings to Block the Sunlight

One way to stop reflected heat is by using awnings. These are additional covers that prevent the sun’s rays from hitting the glass window. However, they make the room dark as they also block the natural light.

Apply Window Films

Another way to stop reflected heat from damaging your artificial turf is by using window films. However, don’t use an ordinary window tinting product. Make sure you choose Turf Guard Window Film.

Compared to our competitors, our films are perforated, which make them look like a bug screen. This allows the light to come in and out of your room. Furthermore, it doesn’t obstruct the outside view; therefore, enabling you to enjoy the scenery.

But the best thing about this product is that it takes care of your synthetic lawn. Our films have UV protection and anti-glare properties, which reduce the heat. Hence, you no longer need to worry about your fake field, especially during summer.

To get the best protection for your fake lawn, visit our website and buy our Turf Guard Window Film products.

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