Can You Prevent the Window Reflection From Burning Your Grass?

Is the window reflection burning the grass in your garden? One of the primary causes of the wilted lawn is the glass reflection. This problem starts when the sun’s rays hit the Low-E window. The Low-E glass intensifies the solar heat and directs it onto your lawn. As a result, glare from windows burns the grass.

Fortunately, you can prevent the window glare from burning the grass. These solutions will reduce the effects of reflections from windows.

Keep Your Lawn Hydrated

Whether it is the direct sunlight or the window reflection that is burning your grass, it is crucial to keep your field hydrated. Watering the turf will maintain the grass alive no matter how hot it is. However, you cannot just sprinkle the lawn with water whenever you like. Water droplets can also act as a magnifying glass. Water on leaves can magnify the sunlight, causing the blades to burn.

Therefore, you need to create a schedule for this task. It is best if you water the plants before the reflective heat strikes so that water droplets will have the time to evaporate.

Renovate Your Garden

If you know where the affected areas are, then you need to change the landscape of your yard. You can put some stones on burnt spots or you can also install a fountain. Not only will these solutions keep the reflection from the window from burning the grass, but it will also hide the imperfections of your orchard.

However, this solution needs a hefty amount of cash. You need to hire a professional landscaping team as they know how to deal with this problem.

Use an Awning Window

Though it is a type of a window, it can prevent the window reflection from burning the grass. It absorbs the heat; therefore, reducing the temperature outside your home. Moreover, it blocks the UV rays, which prevents burning and melting.

While it is cheaper than renovating the garden, it is still an expensive option. Aside from buying the product, you also need to pay for the installation service.

Apply Perforated Window Screen

It is the cheapest yet the most efficient way to stop the glass reflection from burning the grass. With this solution, you do not need to ask for a professional’s help as you can install it on your own. Additionally, you only need to spend a few bucks, depending on the size of your glass window.

However, you will be able to avoid the glare from windows from burning the grass if you choose Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website and learn how our products can stop the window reflection from burning the grass.

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