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Caring for Sunburned Artificial Grass: How to Fix the Damage

At the height of spring and summer seasons, your artificial grass suddenly turns into a brown color. There are a few reasons for this. Either it’s starting to melt, or it’s burning.

There are two factors why your artificial turf is burning. First is the season. During spring and summer, the sun shines at its brightest. It could be beneficial for most of us, but it could cause harm as well. Too much sun exposure, especially during these seasons, could lead to sunburn. You will see red spots on your skin because it cannot take the heat any longer.

The same thing goes for artificial grass. When the lawn can no longer take the heat, the blades turn into a brown color. Sometimes, patchiness appears. This happens when the turf starts to melt.

However, sun exposure isn’t the only reason why your artificial lawn burns. Your windows could also be a culprit. Low-E windows magnify the sun’s rays, causing the heat to rise.

Fortunately, there are several ways to fix the sunburned grass damage. You can use a water system, replace the damaged part with a new piece, or apply clear perforated window films. But which is the most efficient?

Watering the Turf in Your Garden

One of the well-known methods to fix the sunburned damage is by watering your synthetic grass. Most of us thought that this grass doesn’t need water as it only requires little maintenance. However, it still needs to be hydrated, even if it’s made of synthetic fibers.

During this season, the artificial grass tends to get hotter. To keep it cool, you need to water the surface. You need to do it several times a day as its effect only lasts for about 5 to 20 minutes.

Thus, it’s essential to install a sprinkler system in your garden. That way, you no longer need to use a hose and wet the area manually. However, you should expect that your water bills will increase if you use this method.

Replacing the Damaged Part

Another thing that you may do is to replace the burned spots with new pieces. Cut the damaged area and use it as a template. Look for the remnants of the lawn and use them to replace the burned spots. However, replacing them with new pieces will be obvious because of the color. But it will be less visible over time.

Applying Clear Perforated Window Films

Lastly, you need to apply clear perforated window films to your windows. Used in commercial establishments to provide space for advertising, you can also use it at home. Its purpose is to save energy costs, but your synthetic lawn will also benefit from it.

The film has UV protection and anti-glare properties. The first feature blocks the harmful UV rays, which cause the artificial grass to fade out. Meanwhile, the anti-glare properties refract the light off to reduce heat.

Furthermore, it is the simplest way to protect your synthetic turf from burning. You only need to stick the film to the window, and you’re done. Indeed, this is the best way to prevent sunburned grass damage.

However, you could only get these benefits if you choose Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website, windowfilmforturf.com, and get the best protection for your artificial grass.

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