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Causes Of Artificial Turf Melting And How To Fix It

Most homeowners choose artificial grass over natural sod because of the former's many advantages. Artificial grass is affordable, easy-to-install and requires little maintenance since you don't need to water it, cut it, or pull out weeds. However, there is one drawback for artificial lawns – artificial turf melting.

Although synthetic turf manufacturers have been upgrading their products through the years to make it more durable, artificial turf melting is still unavoidable. Instead of saving money, you’ll probably spend more on buying a new artificial grass roll. You would not have any choice but to replace your artificial sod when it melts.

In connection with that, you need to know what causes the melting so that you can find a solution to prevent it. The main reason why even the highest quality of fake grass or the most realistic fake grass melts is the excessive exposure to heat. Synthetic turf has a melting point of 200 degrees and different kinds of objects can cause enough heat to damage it.

Things That Cause Melting of Artificial Grass

1. Energy Efficient Windows

Your home's windows can do severe damage to your lawn. An energy efficient window magnifies the sun’s heat and reflects the heat onto another surface. When the reflected heat hits your artificial grass, it will surely melt and turn into a brown color.

2. Polished Gutters

Polished gutters can also cause your lawn to melt especially if the trough is in a dark color. Dark colors can absorb more heat and reflect it onto your artificial turf.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors can cause damage to a large portion of your lawn because it can reflect heat with a wider coverage.

4. Reflective Panels

Things that shine or that can reflect light can also damage your artificial glass. Examples of these are sheds, outbuildings, and doors. Like mirrors, these reflective panels can also reflect heat in a large surface area.

5. Fire

Melting is not only caused by reflected heat but also through exposure to direct heat like fire. There are many cases where artificial lawns melt because of a barbecue or grilling equipment. As a homeowner, you can only avoid damage from materials like these by putting it far enough from your fake grass. Another thing is you should make sure that no one will be smoking cigarettes on your lawn.

Fortunately, you can prevent the sun’s heat from causing artificial turf melting by installing a window film. You can have the best fake lawn if you have a clear perforated window film to protect it from the scorching heat of the sun.

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