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Causes of Car Trim Melting and How to Avoid Them

Car trims are accessories that are added to an automobile to provide either added aesthetic appeal, protection, or a combination of both. Car enthusiasts put in so much effort and money in having all these accessories added to their cars when they are not satisfied with how their cars look.

Trims can be placed both in the interior and exterior of the car such as the car’s skirts, wheel covers, rain guard for windows, and grills for the radiator. Nothing brings more disappointment than having to experience car trim melting and seeing all your investment go to waste.

Car trims are usually made of rubber or plastic. Plastic has been a popular choice because of the ease by which it can be molded. Recent technological advancements have also made plastic trims more durable and stronger.  The use of plastics in making the car trims lessens the weight, thus improves the efficiency of the car.

The use of plastic, however, has a downside. It crumbles when it hits its highest melting point. This causes the trims to become deformed and damaged.

Car trim melting happens when cars are directly exposed to solar reflections from windows which are fitted with low emissivity glass. These types of windows filter the sunlight that passes through the window. The yallow visible light to pass through while blocking and redirecting ultraviolet and infrared rays.

Windows with energy-efficient features, however, have a destructive side effect. While being very effective in filtering sunlight that goes indoors, the solar energy that is expelled outwards does a lot of harm to its surrounding areas.

In order to avoid having melting car fixtures and having the unwanted scenario of a building that melts a car, it is necessary to select a parking location that is well shaded and away from harmful window reflection.

Checking the direction of the glare from your neighbors' windows also helps determine the best parking spot. Another option is to have the car covered with a heat-resistant material when parked in open spaces especially when it is under the scorching heat of the sun.

Several cases of car trim melting have been recorded all over the country. It pays to be fully aware of the negative impact of certain fixtures in one's environment to avoid making costly mistakes. It is likewise beneficial to invest in a dependable covering for one's car and to have a safe and appropriate parking location.

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