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Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Home Window Film

To maintain a long lasting window film, proper maintenance is needed. A window film is mounted with a solution upon installation and it may need a dry-out time. Weather condition is also a factor that affects the length of the dry-out time. A warm weather condition lessens dry-out time while cold weather increases dry-out time.

Drying the Window Film

The home window film will be installed by your dealer. They will use a mounting solution for this. Upon the installation, the mounting solution will be removed, although some of it may still remain. Trapped moisture causes a water bubble and this could cause the film to appear cloudy. But don’t worry on this because it is normal and would take around 30 days to dry out completely. Never pierce the water bubble because it will damage the film.

Solutions for Cleaning

In cleaning your window film, you can use household cleaning solution for glass or plain water with soap. Avoid solutions containing abrasive materials like baking soda. Do not use sharp materials as well that could cause a cut on the film.

Materials for Cleaning

Use a soft, clean cloth or paper towel of high quality. This is the best recommended tool for cleaning your window film, followed by a rubber squeegee to dry it. Do not use bristle brushes or other materials that could scratch the film. Scratches may appear small but over time it will visibly progress.

Additional Tips for Cleaning

  • Always use soft and clean materials in washing, drying, and cleaning your window film
  • Glass cleaners might do the trick, but the best solution for cleaning your window film is using 1 quart of fresh water mixed with ½ oz. of liquid soap.
  • Avoid washing the exterior and interior windows with the same materials.
  • Some variants of paper towels can create a scratch on the film, therefore it is best to choose what to use properly.
  • Products that contain ammonia may not cause damage to the film as long as the right amount is applied. Also, do not leave the film soaked in it.
  • Always keep in mind that the film’s surface is scratch resistant but not scratch proof.

There are instances though that a customer would claim that there is a defect in the film. However, the fact is that it is actually in the window. It is very much advisable to view the installation 4 feet away, this is normally how far a person would look through a window. This is also a good way to observe and check the product.

Proper maintenance and care will surely make your window film last a long time.

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