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Clever Ways to Solve Artificial Turf Problems

Artificial grass can enhance the beauty of your property, but dealing with artificial turf problems can be a headache. Fortunately, there are solutions for every problem. In this post, we will give you some wise tips on how to fix turf issues. We will also tell you why these issues have taken place.

Common Turf Problems and Ways to Solve Them

Listed below are some common artificial turf problems and their solutions:

1. Appearance Problems

Even if your artificial grass looks healthy, time will come when uneven colors will appear. Sometimes, it will look flat due to heavy foot traffic.

You may ask, how can you fix these problems? It depends on what you are facing. If your artificial grass looks flat, you need to brush the grass blades with a rake so that your lawn will look fluffy. You may also need to move your furniture sets to allow the grass to stand.

However, if the color looks uneven, you have no other option but to change the infill. When getting new infills, make sure that they do not absorb too much heat. Otherwise, it will lead to another serious problem, which could result in spending more money.

2. Turf Burn

Believe it or not, natural grass is not the only thing that gets burned, your artificial turf may get burned as well. This happens when your lawn can no longer take the heat. One way to deal with this issue is to do some turf maintenance.

Keep your fake grass hydrated to reduce the temperature. You can also start cleaning your yard. Remove any object and debris that may cause a fire. If you know how to prevent turf burn, you can avoid getting your artificial turf on fire.

3. Burnt or Melted Grass

    The melted or burnt grass is one of the common artificial turf problems. This issue occurs when your windows start to create reflective heat. Once it reaches your lawn, it triggers the melting point of artificial grass, which causes it to burn or melt.

    To solve this issue, you need to learn how to fix burnt grass. You may put some cover on the affected area to avoid further damage.

    Nonetheless, the smartest way to deal with these issues is to prevent them. As we often say, “prevention is better than cure,” and the best way to solve these artificial turf problems is by using the Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website to learn more about how our products can prevent these issues.

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