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Common Causes That Heat up Your Artificial Turf

In regions of the country where drought is prevalent, artificial turf is the best solution to save water. It keeps your property beautiful, as it doesn’t need to be regularly maintained. However, users have complained that the grass gets too hot.

Synthetic turf is unsurprisingly warmer than natural grass. This is because it doesn’t have the ability to cool itself. However, other factors also cause the grass to heat up. Here are some of them.


Grills are made of steel. Thus, it absorbs heat. If you put it on your artificial turf, it will result in increasing the grass’ temperature, causing it to disintegrate.

Fire Pits

Like grills, fire pits can cause the fake turf to heat up. Sparks fly out and land on the field. As a result, the temperature increases, resulting in melting the grass blades.


The infill is part of the artificial turf that supports the grass blades. However, it causes the lawn to heat up. This is because of the color of the infill. The darker the shade, the more heat it absorbs.

Low-E Windows

Low-E windows are used in many houses in America. Aside from being offered by window installation services, people choose this type as it makes the room cooler. It traps the air inside your house and prevents heat from entering your abode.

However, it affects the temperature of your artificial grass. Because it has no place to go, heat is transmitted to your lawn. This will result in heating up the grass field. It will also lead to melting if you don’t solve the issue immediately.

How to Prevent Heat Damage

There are two ways to avoid heat damage. It depends on how the turf gets the hot temperature. If it’s applied directly, you need to provide a place where you can light up your grills or fire pits. You can use your patio, if you have one, to keep the sparks away from your artificial turf.

If the cause of the heat is the sun’s reflection, then you should use perforated window films. Compared to other window tints, it’s the only one that cares for your fake lawn. It has UV protection that prevents the turf, and even your furnishings, from fading out. Furthermore, it has anti-glare features. This quality does not only benefit the user but also your grass field.

Once the sunlight hits the film, it deflects off the rays, which reduces the temperature of your synthetic lawn. Thus, you will have a healthy-looking field all year, even if you don’t clean it regularly.

However, some people are a bit hesitant to use perforated window films. Because it is a window tint, they are concerned that it might darken the house. But perforated films are sheer tints. Meaning, it won’t affect the clarity of your glass window once you apply the product. Hence, you will get to enjoy your outdoor view without a problem.

Several companies are now selling this window tint. But if you want to get a quality window perf for your artificial turf, then you should choose Turf Guard Window Film. Visit windowfilmforturf.com to learn more about our products.

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