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Comparing Methods to Prevent Melting Artificial Grass

Artificial turf has become popular these days, as they are low in maintenance and could last longer than natural grass. Being susceptible to melting, its owner should know the different methods to prevent melting artificial grass.

We know for a fact that artificial grass can melt due to intense heat that indirectly rubs on the grass and causes it to burn. To avoid turf burn, we must know what methods to use as part of turf maintenance.mentally starts from knowing how to prevent turf burn to avert the occurrence of burning or melting artificial grass.

Windows, polished gutters, mirrors, reflective panels, and direct heat can all cause artificial grass to burn. Getting to know how to remove them away from your synthetic lawn may give you an idea on how long does turf last. Melting artificial grass can be prevented if you know of ways on how to protect it. This, of course, comes with the knowledge on how to fix burnt grace just in case you failed to employ the methods to prevent burning.

Comparing Methods to Prevent Melting Artificial Grass

One of these methods is to keep your artificial lawn hydrated. Like the real grass, artificial turf also needs moisture. This can be done through irrigation. Since it is made of synthetic materials, artificial grass can go warmer or hotter than real grass, Thus, you cannot guarantee that the moisture will stay for a long time. To keep it from burning, you have to ensure that it is hydrated at least every hour. This method could work best if you have the time and you do not mind whether your water bills soar up.

Putting something to cover your artificial turf may also prevent it from burning. A melting artificial turf is certainly a big problem for its owner. Use something that points the sunlight towards another direction. Use either low energy efficient windows or outer coverings like a canopy or sunshade. This method will only deprive your home of the natural brightness that comes from the sun.

Install a window film to serve as protection for your artificial turf. Somehow, the light will bounce back and can even spread the heat evenly. You can even opt for a tinted or colorless film, but it can definitely reduce the heat coming from the sun. This may incur costs but it can definitely prevent your artificial lawn from melting or burning.

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