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Cost Effective Method to Prevent Artificial Turf Melting

Do you notice your artificial turf melting during the summer days? Are you tired of continually repairing your damaged fake grass lawn, but the problem still reoccurs? Is the massive replacement cost affecting your budget?

If you say yes to all these questions, then read on to learn a budget-friendly solution to your problems.

Synthetic Grass and Its Cost

Artificial grass is an excellent substitute for natural grass for homeowners especially those who live in low-water areas. The plastic blades are filaments attached to a backing that lets water through. Choosing synthetic turf over real ones makes it more convenient since there is no need for mowing, weed-killing, watering and the like.

Nylon, polyethylene or polypropylenes are materials commonly used to make synthetic grass. They use dyes to imitate various grass species. Nowadays, you can get synthetic turf that is like Bermuda, fescue or zoysia. But no matter which artificial grass you choose to install, the problem is still the same.

To those thinking, “How much does artificial turf cost? Is it better than natural grass?” A residential artificial turf cost anywhere from $2 to $3 per square foot, and even up to $50 per linear foot. It is more expensive than natural sod, but the maintenance is comparably cheaper.

Artificial Turf and Its Melting Point

You might say you have trees that offer shades for your lawn. But have you checked your windows?

If the sunlight dries out natural grass, it can also damage unreal ones. Constant exposure to intense heat can cause artificial turf melting. Even the best artificial grass for lawns is not immune to melting if exposed to over 200 degrees or beyond the melting point of the material used.

Light reflected from your windows can amplify the heat and cause artificial turf melting. The glass redirects and intensifies concentrated heat towards small areas of your lawn. More massive windows have more surface areas that can double the amount of exposure to your yard.

Simple Solution to Reduce Artificial Turf Cost

The easiest way to save your synthetic lawn is to install transparent window films for turf on your windows. Attached to the exterior side of your glass, it can deflect off the light and reduce the heat from the sun. This energy-efficient clear film allows complete visibility to both sides of the window.

It is a cost-effective method to ensure the longevity of your synthetic grass. So, install the clear perforated window film, and protect both your home and your lawn 24/7. With this window film, you won’t need to worry about lawn damages, such as artificial turf melting, ever again.

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