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Damage Control: Fixing your Turf Melting Problems

Melting artificial turf is never a good thing. It looks unsightly, and it devalues your property. Without proper turf maintenance, a once aesthetically pleasing turf could look really old and worn owing to the patches of turf burn caused by damage from reflected heat, dropped cigarettes, and other sources.

The worst cases of melting artificial turf can leave your turf looking very barren and hot to the touch in areas where the turf has melted off. This would require the replacement of large areas of your turf and/or professional intervention if it is to be fixed. If the damage has been relatively minimal, however, there’s still a couple of simple things you can do to reverse it.         

The type of artificial turf that gets the worst of heat damage are the ones with the longest turf blades, because when melted, the damage looks even  worse due to how depressed the melting artificial turf looks in comparison to the non-damaged areas. It is best to avoid this kind of turf when landscaping.

You can experience turf melting problems that are brought by your windows. Read on and know how to fix the damage caused by window reflections on your turf.

Repairing Minor Damage

Melting artificial turf can turn an otherwise pristine lawn into a discoloured mess. However, there’s still something you can do to fix some relatively simple melting issues. Contrary to how to fix burnt grass, it is not simply a matter of sprinkling the right chemicals on the burnt patches, but it operates on the same principle.

Replace and Patch Damaged Area

When the area that suffered heat damage is relatively small, one could cut out that section and replace it with a spare one of the same size, and holding it in place with some elastic adhesive that you could get at any hardware store. Apply small beads of the glue along the areas you need to connect the fresh patch of turf to, and avoid disturbing the newly repaired turf for at least 12 hours.

Of course, this can be a bit difficult to do if you don’t have experience with landscaping, and there’s a likelihood that the issue could get worse. The area you worked on could stick out from the rest of the turf and still look very unsightly. Such patching up takes a bit of precision to make it look inconspicuous.

Apply Perforated Window Film

Another solution you can try is applying window films. These films serve as an added layer of protection for your turn from the harmul rays of the sun. Window films are easy to install and are also not as expensive as replacing your windows or your artificial turf for that matter. Try our Turf Guard Window Film if you want to know its significant effects to your lawn.

When in doubt, it’s better to leave work like this to the professionals. If you have any questions or advice on how to fix burnt grass or artificial turf, feel free to give us a ring.

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