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Design 101: How is Turf Guard Window Film Installed?

There are a lot of reasons why one should have window film installed at home. Applying tint to your windows will help boost your property's curb appeal and protect your family from UV rays. Aside from that, it will also minimize the damage that the sun's reflection can do on your artificial turf.

Luckily, window films are easy to install, and film installation cost is minimal. While professional installers should ideally do it, homeowners can also try their hand at it. Here's a quick look at window film installation instructions.

What You will Need

This project would require:

  •  1 spray bottle filled with a solution of 1 tsp dishwashing liquid mixed with 1-pint cold water. You can also use ¼ tsp no-tears baby shampoo mixed with 1 quart bottled water. Do not use tap water as it can leave spots on the film.
  •  Retractable knife. Use one with breakaway blades as window film dulls blade edges quickly. Use a new blade for every 10 feet of film.
  •  Rubber-blade squeegee that's 6” to 8” wide.
  •  Lint-free cloth or paper coffee filters. Do not use paper towels as they might leave traces of lint or paper.
  •  Measuring tape

How to Install Window Film

  • Carefully measure the windows' dimensions.
  • Clean the glass surface. Spray the glass with the solution and squeegee clean. Use a razor blade to remove dirt or paint. Wet the window again and squeegee in a downward motion. Repeat process until the glass is clean.
  • Unroll the window film on a clean, flat surface and cut carefully. The dimensions have to be cut accurately before the window film is installed.
  • Spray a generous amount of the solution again.
  • Remove the film's backing. If you're having trouble, attach two long pieces of transparent tape to the front and back of the film. Press the two pieces of tape together then pull apart quickly. This should separate the liner from the film's adhesive side.
  • Apply the film on the wet window. Start at the top and let the film rest gently on the glass. Use your hands to smooth the film down or to slide it into position.
  • Spray the film with the solution. Use the squeegee to squeeze out air and excess water. Start from the top and squeegee from left to right.
  • Use your utility knife to trim excess film. Wet the surface again with the solution, squeegee dry and voila! You have your window film installed.

You usually require professionals to have window film installed. But Turf Guard Window Film is a do-it-yourself film solution that's affordable and easy to do. The company offers four types of window film and a guarantee that its product will prevent artificial turf melting and keep the home at the right temperature.

For more information, check out Turf Guard Window Film now.

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