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Design Tips to Prevent Window Glare from Burning Artificial Grass

Energy efficient windows are a great addition to your home. They minimize window glare, protect the room from UV rays, and save homeowners a lot of money in heating bills. However, the glare from these windows can cause significant damage to the landscaping by burning artificial grass or killing plants.

Factors to Consider When Minimizing Window Glare

It's now becoming clearer to a lot of architects, designers, and homeowners that the glare from energy efficient windows can damage landscaping and hurt a property's curb appeal. While there are ways of going about the problem, there are some factors to consider when trying to minimize glare.

The size of the glass surface is one factor to consider when coming up with solutions to minimize window glare. For example, the heat that emanates from a 2' x 2' bathroom window is unnoticeable as compared to a 6' x 8' bay window. Larger windows can reflect more heat, especially in multi-storied establishments.

The placement of the windows and the season also affect window glare. A window facing east will reflect heat differently from the one placed in the west, as the rays of the sun will hit them at different times and various angles. The season also determines how high or low the sun will be in the sky, which consequently affects the heating temperature. Landscapers should be aware of this, so they'll know how to design the property accordingly.

Design Tips to Lessen Glare from Windows

It's clear that window glare burns grass, but homeowners and designers can take certain steps to minimize this.

  • Plant trees or shrubs near windows. Foliage from large trees and shrubs can deflect some of the heat that would otherwise hit the artificial turf.
  • Make use of pebbles, paved stones, or hardy plants in areas that are particularly exposed to the heat coming from the windows.
  • Use awnings or sliding exterior shutters to cover doors and windows. This will also protect the glass while providing more privacy to the residents.
  • Extend the area with a porch or balcony. A porch or balcony extends the house's floor area while also shielding windows from the sun's rays. In turn, this will minimize the heat that will be reflected outwards.
  • Use window film to cut down on glare. One of the best ways to lessen window glare is to coat windows with a screen or film that diffuses the sun's rays.

There are some ways to reduce the heat coming out of windows. However, a good film like Turf Guard Window Film is the perfect choice when it comes to protecting artificial grass from burning. When choosing your Turf Guard, you not only minimize window glare, but you also get maximum protection for your property, both indoors and out.

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