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Did You Know That Your Window Reflection Is Killing Natural Grass

When you design your lawn, are you aware that reflection killing natural grass can happen? These may be due to reflective surfaces such as from windows, doors, or mirrors. The glass reflection from the sun on these surfaces can burn your grass without you knowing it.

How Can Reflection Kill Your Grass?

When you have an energy-efficient window, the sun shines through and produces a heat that is intense enough to burn a lot of things, including your grass. When your lawn is in direct path the window glare, there will be some grass burning. If you do not solve this problem, it can get serious and might also burn your house.

Mostly, during morning and in the afternoon, the sun penetrates the windows and reflection killing natural grass. The beam of light from the sun can reach up to 200 degrees, which may extend to its melting point. Aside from burning grass, your window reflection may melt pieces of plastic furniture, and disintegrate car paint. In some cases, it causes skin burns.

How to Prevent Reflection from Burning Your Natural Grass?

One of the effective things that you can do is to use sun control film for windows. These protect the reflective surfaces on your property especially your windows. You may put a screen on your window to prevent reflection killing natural grass. When it comes to using screens, you can easily see outside the window, but harder for those to see inside your house.

If your lawn is already damaged, you can prevent more damage in the future by using a non-reflective tint material for your window, and avoid low emissivity glass. Low-E glass is a transparent coating that reflects heat or infrared energy. It tends to keep the heat on the area of the glass where it comes from, but reflects on other things.

Another effective and fun solution to prevent reflection killing natural grass is to change the design of your landscape. Considering that you already determine the spot where the ray of the sun strikes the most, you know where to put your attention. You can either hide the affected area or add a particular garden design that will also act as a shield from the glaring reflection.

When your grass is suffering from the reflection on your window as well as from your negligence, it is not too late to save your natural grass. For cases like this, you can opt to apply perforated window films to your windows. These films are less expensive and easy to install compared to other solutions. If you are interested in this solution, then you can visit our website and try our Turf Guard Window Film.

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