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Did Your Windows Melt the Vinyl Siding of Your Neighbor?

Evidence shows that energy-efficient windows have melted the vinyl siding. When the sunbeam hits the Low-E coating, it intensifies the reflected sunlight, causing it to burn the next-door cladding. However, we are not discouraging you from using Low-E windows. Some structures need these windows to save electricity. After all, the primary purpose of this is to reduce power consumption.

Furthermore, melted vinyl siding only occurs when the perfect storm strikes, which is a rare event. Still, you need to apply some melting vinyl siding solutions so that you will not distort your neighbor’s wall.

What Causes the Sunbeam?

The National Association of House Builders (NAHB) believe that the alterations in air pressure can bend the Low-E glazing inward. If this happens, the curved glass magnifies the reflected heat that can reach up to 200 degrees. However, the vinyl siding melting point ranges from 160-165oF or 71-73oC. Hence, if the temperature exceeds that limit, it could cause the cladding to distort.

How Are the Manufacturers Dealing With This Issue?

Vinyl siding companies have kept their hands off of this problem. They have modified their warranty claims so that they no longer need to deal with vinyl siding melting.

What to Do When Your Windows Melt the Siding of Your Neighbor?

There are several solutions for melted vinyl siding. It depends on whether you are the victim or the perpetrator. If you are the victim, you need to replace your wall with a heat-resistant vinyl siding. Its melting point can reach up to 220 degrees, which is higher than the temperature of reflected heat. However, you need to have a budget as it is three times more expensive than the standard PVC cladding.

However, if your windows are causing the damage, then you should block the light beam from hitting your windows. You can place an awning on top of your existing list.

However, if you are looking for a solution that does both, then you should opt for perforated window film. These products diffuse the reflected sunlight; hence, reducing glare. Moreover, the film used by these window screens distributes the heat evenly. With this solution, you no longer need to do some melted vinyl siding repair.

You can get all these window film benefits and more with Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website and learn how our products stop melted vinyl siding.

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