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Different Turf Products, Same Purpose: An Analysis

Many turf products, same purpose. Buyers always have different choices. Gone were the days when people still needed to wait for a long period of time for a football field to have perfectly natural grass grown on it, mowed, maintained, and ready to withstand some tough players’ games. With different turf products that are coming out on the market from a synthetic grass supplier, specific needs are identified and well-addressed.

If you own a professional turf or a home aesthetic turf, rest assured that these kinds of grass offer the same purpose and service to all homeowners.

Natural Turf Grass

Despite the increase of people’s interest in artificial grass, there are still some businessmen or residents who invest in professional turf products. These are usually those who have a huge budget for aesthetic purposes or are good enough in maintaining a constantly green and beautiful lawn in a natural way.

The basic thing to do in order to succeed in keeping natural grass turf in pristine condition is to know the nutritional requirements for a specific type of grass to grow healthy. Common nutrients are needed to achieve healthy turfs include nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and quite a few more.

The careful application of fertilizers must be done, and you must be certain that the nutrients it contain actually meet the need of the type of soil used for the grass. This is why soil and grass tissue tests are done by experts to achieve natural turf grass that will most likely sell on the market.

Artificial Turf Grass

With the same purpose of natural grass, artificial turf grass was developed to do away with the high-maintenance requirements for natural grass. This is known as fast, easy, having lower synthetic grass prices, and environment friendly.

Made from synthetic fibers mimicking natural grass, artificial turf also comes in several variations. Astroturf, SuperTurf, and FieldTurf are the three most common types which typically varies on the composition and depth of the infill.

Fieldturf is usually preferred for professional turf stadiums. Although artificial turfs are not as high maintenance as the natural turfs, deliberate installation through precise measurements and high consideration on the drainage system is still necessary to make it effective for its purpose and safe for use.

Hybrid Turf Grass

A hybrid of both the natural and artificial turf grasses is probably the best of its kind. Hybrid turf grasses are usually used on football fields where there is heavy foot traffic. Hybrid types of grass make use of the natural grass as a mat while artificial turf fibers are injected into it to intertwine with the natural ones. As a result, a superior quality of turf is produced which could withstand damage longer than either the natural and artificial grass. In other words, hybrid turf grasses have the best features of both the natural and artificial turf.

You can always check the reviews of the products available at a synthetic grass store to know more about the criteria you should follow when purchasing turf products, same purpose.

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