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Different Types of Window Reflection Damage You May Encounter

Window reflection damage should not be taken for granted, particularly as it can cause you to spend a lot of money on unexpected repair and replacement. Be reminded that window glare is more than just heat that causes your home exterior to have a high-temperature environment.

Instead, you have to focus on how to reduce glare. For your awareness, it may actually damage a lot of things in your property. To provide you an idea regarding the problems related to window reflection damage, given below are the different types of issues you may encounter:

Vinyl Siding Melting. Melting vinyl is one of the consequences of a window reflection. You may not know it, but installing low-E windows makes your siding more susceptible to distortion. Although your windows may limit the heat that enters your home, it actually makes the possibility of melting siding from window reflection higher.

Once you encountered vinyl distortion, you will have to replace the entire material. This will cost a lot of effort, time, and money. Be reminded that vinyl warping happens irrespective of the season.

This happens due to your low-E windows magnifying the reflected solar heat. Thus, means that everything that is passed over by the sunlight will be toasted.

Vehicle Damage. Do you know that window reflection damage is not limited to your home solely? The reflected sunlight from your window may also inflict damage on some parts of vehicles near your place. Since your low-E windows can act as a magnifying glass, it can reflect up to 50 percent of the sunlight.

Most of the time, window reflection can damage carsโ€™ plastic parts and panels. It may be surprising for some, but it really happens. Did you know that a skyscraper in London was actually blamed for melting a portion of a Jaguar XJ?

Turf Burns. Even if a window reflection may also damage your well-beloved backyard, be reminded that as long as your landscape comes in contact with the reflected sunlight, it will likely develop brown spots and burn.

Now that you are aware of how problematic window reflection is, you should find a way to get rid of this problem. Instead of worrying about the solution to replacing your vinyl siding, bringing your car to a repair shop, or changing your landscape, you should give way to a preventive measure.

In order to keep window reflections from ruining your property, you should try using a film. Window film will diffract sunlight and distribute the solar heat evenly without damaging any object around. Simply install the material, and the different types of window reflection damage will be eliminated.

Instead of worrying about repairs or replacements at home, you should start protecting your siding from damage. Check out Siding Guard Window Film now for efficient window reflection damage prevention.

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