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Direct Sunlight Fade Furniture and Harm Home Interior: A Solution

Sunlight can cause damage to many things. Not only will direct sunlight fade furniture, but it can also harm and damage fabrics and carpets inside your house. This is a problem that is usually encountered by a lot of people.

The sun’s rays produce ultra-violet rays or UV rays. These rays are harmful to a person’s eyes and skin, and can even cause skin cancer. The bad news is that it can damage your home interior as well.

UV rays through glass windows can have an impact on your home interior. These rays that come from the sunlight fade furniture and other objects inside your house.

The following are possible ways on how to prevent sun damage to your furniture.

1. Position your furniture away from the window.

This is the easiest solution to your problem, but it is not the best one. Placing furniture in front windows increases the risk of it being damaged by UV rays. A proper and well-thought layout can protect your furniture from UV rays, though this could take time and may not maximize the space in your house.

2. Use drapes or curtain shades.

Another solution that you can try is the use of drapes or curtain shades. This is one of the common solutions that a person can think of to protect his home against UV rays. While this can be a protection from direct sunlight, this makes the room darker mainly due to the drapes blocking light from the window.

Using drapes can also lead to a higher electricity bill because you will need to resort to using artificial lights during daytime.

3. Install a tinted window film.

UV rays get to furniture through a window that is not tinted. It is mentioned at the beginning of this article that not only can direct sunlight fade furniture, it can also harm carpets and fabrics in your house. Installing a tinted window film is the best solution to your problem.

Tinted window films keep harmful UV rays from entering and damaging your home interior. Aside from its inexpensive price, it is easy to install.

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