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Does Artificial Grass Melt? Ways to Stop Window Reflection Damage

Does artificial grass melt? Many people are asking this question due to reported cases regarding this problem. Homeowners notice uneven colors and patchiness on their turf, which are indications that the artificial grass is melting.

Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent this damage, but before we discuss these tips, you need to know how does artificial grass melt.

Why Is Your Synthetic Lawn Disintegrating?

There are several reasons why your artificial grass is burning or melting. One reason could be too much sun exposure. Like our skin, prolonged sun exposure can cause the synthetic turf to burn. You will see some patches in the area, a sign that the grass blades are starting to melt.

Another reason is when you apply direct heat to the surface. If you light up a fire pit, sparks could fly all over the place, causing the turf to disintegrate.

However, the primary reason why you have melted artificial grass at home is because the window is creating a reflection. When the sun reaches the glass windows, it magnifies and intensifies heat, causing the temperature to increase. As a result, patchiness will start to occur.

Is There a Way to Stop the Artificial Lawn From Disintegrating?

Now that you know how does artificial grass melt, surely you would want to learn how to prevent this damage. There are several ways to avoid window reflection from damaging your artificial grass. Here are some of them.

1) Replace the Damaged Spots With a New Set.

One way your fake turf can keep its lush green color is by removing the damaged area. If you kept some extra pieces of synthetic grass, you could use them to replace the spoiled spot. Cut the area and use it as a template to get the size that you need. Put the new set in the hole and place it correctly.

However, doing this technique would take too much time. Moreover, it will not prevent the root cause, which is the sun reflecting off your windows.

2) Apply Turf Guard Window Film to Your Windows.

If you want an immediate solution, then you should opt for Turf Guard Window Film. It has a bug screen-like feature that deflects off the sunbeam and spreads heat evenly. With this solution, you can prevent disintegration and patchiness.

Do you want to learn more about how does artificial grass melt? Visit our website and check out our Turf Guard Window Film products.

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