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Easiest Solution to Stop Artificial Grass From Melting

Artificial turf is famous for its benefits. Artificial grass is now affordable as well, and less maintenance is needed. Despite its advantages, there are some issues related to artificial turf. The most common problem is the grass burning due to the sun’s reflection.

Here are the two primary reasons why a fake grass melts.

Sunlight’s Reflection

The most common reason is that artificial grass is made of polyethylene. This material can contribute to an increase in the temperature of the grass. When sunlight hits the surface of an object, heat is being concentrated and amplified. If heat comes into contact with the fake grass for an amount of time, it causes a rise in the polyethylene temperature. This causes the grass to melt, especially if the season is scorching.

Although the melting point of the material is high, there are instances that the sun is so bright and it penetrates the melting point of the material of the fake grass. This causes the turf to shrink or melt completely. This usually happens if the sun’s light is reflected on surfaces that intensify heat like windows, doors, mirrors, or reflective panels.

Direct Heat Application

Another reason as to why your artificial grass disintegrates is because of direct heat application. Direct heat causes it to burn or melt. The direct heat from fire or embers from bonfires, barbecue grillers, and even hot ashes are known as causes of direct heat. If home items applied to direct heat would burn, how much more for thin grass, right? Of course, in preventing damage, it is never advisable to apply direct heat to any objects.

These heat applications would cause your turf to melt, so it’s best to try and avoid it. Accidents do happen, and you might wonder if your artificial grass would light up. Well, you don’t have to worry because it won’t cause a fire. Since it is made of a special material, it might melt, but it doesn’t burn.

How to Solve this Problem

The melting problem caused by the sun can easily be avoided. In fact, you won’t have to worry about your artificial grass being melted by sunlight by using this product. A good solution for this is simply using a Clear Perforated Window Film.

The sun cannot be avoided; it is there every day, and this is the primary cause why your turf is melting. Having a Clear Perforated Window Film prevents your grass from melting as it controls heat reflecting your grass.  This window film is applied externally and can protect your turf. This perforated window film can give you less worry with your fake grass. With this, you get to enjoy the benefits of having artificial turf.

Get a Clear Perforated Window Film and stop your artificial grass from melting. This should solve your problem of your grass from being melted.

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