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Effective Tips to Stop the Window Reflection From Damaging the Turf

Is the window reflection damaging your turf? The sun reflecting off windows is one of the primary reasons why your artificial grass is melting. This happens when the sun’s energy hits the Low-E glazing. Since the coating separates the heat from the cold temperature, it magnifies the light and transmits it on your lawn. As a result, the reflected heat reaches the melting point of artificial turf.

However, this is not the only reason why your synthetic turf is melting. Your gutter can also cause your fake grass to disintegrate. Even your mirror can actually destroy your lawn. In other words, any object that creates reflection can potentially damage your fake grass.

Fortunately, you can avoid the window reflection from damaging your turf. First, you need to identify if your windows are the cause of destruction.

How to Identify if Window Reflections Are Causing Damage

To know if the window reflection is damaging the turf, you need to monitor the temperature of your lawn between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. If it is too high, chances are, your windows are melting the artificial grass. You can also look at your silhouette. If your field is showing a light shadow, then the glare on windows is causing the damage.

How to Stop Window Reflection

Now that you know the reason, it is time to halt the window reflection from destroying your lawn. Here are some tips to follow to prevent this damage.

  1. Change the Landscape of Your Garden

One way to stop melting out in turf is to renovate your yard. You need to cover the area that gets the most heat to prevent further damage. You can put some stones or garden beds on the affected spot. Not only will they hide the problem, but they will also block the solar reflection from reaching the lawn.

However, you need to have a hefty amount of cash for this solution. Aside from buying the materials that you need, you must also hire a professional landscaping team. That way, you will get the best solution for your problem.

  1. Buy Perforated Window Screens

Used in commercial buildings, you can also have this unique window film to protect the turf from disintegrating. The screen not only destroys the path of the window reflection, but it also spreads out the heat evenly throughout the field. Moreover, you no longer need to break the bank as the film only costs a few bucks.

All these window screen features and more are available at Turf Guard Window Film. Buy our products from our website and stop the window reflection from damaging the turf!

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