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Energy Efficient Windows and How They Melt Artificial Grass

When designing a home, one of the most important parts of the plan or interior are the windows. They can give your house a personality; not just with the windows design, but also with its functionality. Let’s explore the different functions of windows in a home.

Windows as Sources of Ventilation, Warmth, and Light

Windows provide homes with ventilation. Depending on your windows' design, you can choose to have your window closed or open whenever you need fresh air to come into your home. Windows also provide warmth. Having a window means being able to use the warmth of the sun in cold weather. You don't have to crank your heater all the way up to stay warm inside your home.

Most importantly, windows provide homes with light. In the morning, you don't have to turn your lights on; just use natural lighting from outside. You can use a curtain or window blinds to control the amount of light that comes in through your window.

Making Windows Energy Efficient

The benefits of having a window in your home are amplified by installing an energy efficient window. These windows use a glass called Low-E, which means low-emissivity. What it does is that it keeps the heat inside the home when it's cold, and it keeps the heat outside the home when it's hot. Energy efficient windows are about 90% more efficient that the regular-glassed windows.

What makes these energy efficient windows desirable is that they can reduce energy cost in your homes. Aside from the savings in your heating and lighting bill, using less energy for home heating can reduce your CO₂ emissions. This is because you consume less energy to heat your home. This makes energy efficient windows an environment-friendly choice for your homes.

From the Perks to the Low Points of Low-E

Since energy efficient windows can keep the heat outside when the weather is hot, this means that the heat is reflected outside of your house. If you have artificial grass or turf installed in your lawns, this will cause a big problem. Your artificial grass or turf will burn once the sun is reflected away from your home by these energy efficient windows. As previously mentioned, the heat reflected is amplified to the point of burning the artificial grass or turf.

How Window Films Can Help Prevent the Burning

The good news is that there is a way to prevent your artificial grass or turf from burning and keep your lawn beautiful. Window Films can be easily installed on the exterior of your windows so that the light will not bounce off your glass and burn your artificial grass or turf. For more information about Turf Guard Window Films, visit windowfilmforturf.com. Find out how Turf Guard can help you become energy efficient and environment-friendly while maintaining the beauty of your lawn.

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