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Environmental Dilemma: Artificial Turf Melting

Artificial turf melting problems? You are not alone. As more people are finding artificial turfs as convenient alternative to natural grass for landscaping, synthetic grass cost has also brought the attention of concerned homeowners.

Artificial Turf – History and Various Uses

It was in 1964 when the first known synthetic turf was installed. But its use only became more prominent when it was installed in an indoor stadium in Houston, Texas, in 1966. As early as the 1990s, the artificial turf has been slowly introduced for residential use as in artificial turf backyard, as well as commercial landscaping.

Today, artificial turfs come in various styles and materials. Many users are finding synthetic grass as better alternative to natural grass lawns. Unlike the natural grass, they don’t require regular watering and trimming. With artificial turfs, drainage is not imperative and maintaining them is easier.

Artificial long grass offers decreased maintenance cost. This somehow helped resolve the water crisis and has helped eliminate the use of potentially dangerous weed killers and pesticides. They are also more resilient and durable which is why they are also preferred for use in most athletic fields.

Artificial Grass Melting Concerns

Despite the known benefits of artificial turf, there is also a rapidly growing concern about artificial turf melting.

So, why does artificial turf melt? Fake grass landscaping is usually made out of synthetic fibers. These materials are prone to melting once they are subjected to extremely high temperature. Unfortunately, the fact that the melting point of the majority of synthetic grass is at 175 to 200 ° F, this can easily be reached when they are exposed to the sun’s damaging heat.

With the rise of glass windows and decorative outside mirrors, the problem with synthetic turf melting has intensified over the years. This happens because as the heat of the sun gets into contact with these glass materials, the reflecting heat merely bounces off. As a result, the heat reflection is absorbed by the nearby surface lawn areas. Over time, this heat can cause the outdoor synthetic grass to melt and disintegrate.

Window Film for Turf Protection

Installing window film offers a perfect solution against artificial grass melting. This innovative exterior film can be applied easily and is guaranteed to provide protection against the damaging window reflection. It also comes with holes allowing clear visibility. Here’s to more years of enjoying the benefits of artificial turf. In installing clear perforated window film, say goodbye to artificial turf melting.

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