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Has Your Artificial Grass Melted? Stop It by Using a Window Film!

Artificial grass has already replaced the natural lawn in many homes. Homeowners and business owners alike choose it as it gives permanent beauty to your surroundings. Moreover, they don’t need to maintain them, which help users save time and money.

Though it may seem like the best solution to those who want to have a beautiful yard all year, it doesn’t mean it is flawless. Synthetic grass tends to thaw when it reaches its melting point. So the question is, how will you know if your turf is starting to melt?

Sign #1: Uneven Color of the Lawn

One of the obvious signs that your artificial grass is starting to melt is when you see patchy areas. Not only does it make your yard ugly, but it makes the lawn look unhealthy.

Sign #2: If You Feel the Heat on Your Feet

Fake grass is hot as it is exposed to the sun. However, if it’s too hot and you can’t handle the heat, chances are, the lawn will melt as well. This is because it absorbs all the heat, which includes the ones reflected by the mirror, gutter, and the window.

Sign #3: It Started to Shrink

This sign is quite tricky to notice. You will only know if it started to shrink if you take a closer look at it. Surely, you will notice the size of your yard because you measured it before you bought the artificial grass. If the lawn is getting smaller, chances are, some of the grass blades have already melted.

What Can You Do to Stop the Turf From Melting?

There are two things that you can do to prevent the synthetic lawn from melting. First, you need to sprinkle it with water from time to time. Damping the grass fields’ surface will reduce its heat. However, it is only a temporary solution as it tends to dry quickly. You need to shower it with water again, which could lead to higher water bills.

If you want to have a permanent solution without spending too much money, the best solution would be a window film. This product does not only help you save money on energy costs. It also protects your artificial grass from melting.

As mentioned earlier, windows have reflective properties. It bounces off the light and the radiation to the turf, which leads to higher temperatures. If the faux grass absorbs too much heat, it will result in disintegration.

The window film prevents this from happening. Once the film is applied to the window, it deflects off reflection and absorbs heat. Therefore, if all your windows have window films, the risk of having your synthetic turf melted will also decrease.

Where to Buy Window Films?

There are many manufacturers who offer window film products. But if you’re looking for a high-quality film that protects your artificial grass, then you should get the ones made by Turf Guard. They come in clear, gray, black, and white colors. Call our hotline and get a shade that complements the aesthetic design of your house!

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