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High Heat Precautions for Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf is starting to get famous around the globe. Homeowners, local governments, and sports institutions are investing a lot in artificial grass because of its low-maintenance requirement and aesthetically good quality.

Infusing turf grass installation in any field available can increase the place’s market value through attracting locals and tourists. Yet, there are still several issues that artificial grass is guilty about – being heat absorbent is one.

A heating lawn and turf can be dangerous to its users, especially football or golf players who are exposed to it most of their time. Its maintenance requires a minimum amount of water to keep it cool and safe to use by many.

Choosing a good-quality artificial grass can prohibit such incident of burning or grass melting. Turf with Synthetic Turf International quality is more advisable to use than regular ones that save more money. Investing in turf and making sure it is deeming safe and secured to use should be prioritized.

Summer temperature can greatly affect artificial grass. Direct heat from the sun might cause the synthetic turf to heat up, melt, and eventually burn. An artificial turf fiber can only hold up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit; more than that, it is considered unsafe to utilize because it might cause harm to anyone as it heats up.

Typically, artificial grass lawns are more heated during 12:00 noon to 3:00 in the afternoon. It is the time frame when the sun is shining still and releases more heat. It is recommended to have water sprinklers between these given times to maintain the turf’s cool.

Considering turf grass installation denotes maintenance, too. Though little, it still needs more attention especially during summer season. Unlike regular grass that has its own regular moist, synthetic turf does not produce such, making it more prone to burning and melting.

One of the most considered turf solutions is being mindful of the window glass present around the turf area. Window glass can intensify heat that bounces on the turf from direct sunlight. It is best to have the windows filmed or screened to prevent such reflection.

To further care for your turf, providing shade during the sun’s peak hours is recommended. A regular water maintenance also is best to keep it from heat. It will prevent the grass from warming up and eventually burning or melting.

To know more about artificial grass maintenance, explore our website and find out the best solutions.

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