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High Heat Precautions to Avoid Artificial Turf Melting

When summer comes, the rising heat of the sun is inevitable, and for those who own artificial grass lawns, they only have a few months to prepare for artificial turf melting. There are a lot of potential problems that arise from too much heat. Synthetic grass owners fear the discoloration and fading of their artificial turf lawns but how does this happen? What can we do about it?

All About Artificial Grass’ Melting Point

Even with the best artificial grass, it is still subjected to artificial turf melting. The main difference between fake grass and natural grass is the former has a higher melting point as compared to the latter.

Artificial turf lawns will most likely melt when it reaches 200 degrees Fahrenheit; this is way above the normal temperature of natural grass which only reaches about 75 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

All About Polyethylene Yarn’s Melting Point

Before you start searching for grass turf for sale, you need to consider the most important component an artificial grass – the polyethylene yarn. The melting point of artificial grass is, therefore, the same as polyethylene yarn.

This is also one of the reasons why artificial grass tends to heat up easily. Since polyethylene yarn is synthetic, and artificial grass is made up of polyethylene yarn. Aside from this, artificial grass does not have the usual cooling components that natural grass has.

Why the Sun’s Heat Causes the Melting of Artificial Grass?

The reflective properties of a surface allow the transfer the sun’s heat to an object adjacent to it without absorbing any of the heat or light. When the sun rises, and its heat and light hit a surface with reflective properties, your artificial turf lawn could be in trouble.

If your artificial turf lawn is adjacent to certain glass windows or mirrors, you may want to reconsider installing fake grass, but where’s the fun in that? The reason why you wanted to install artificial grass in the first place is that you want to achieve a certain aesthetic with low maintenance. So what are the possible solutions to this problem?

Solutions to the Melting of Your Artificial Turf

You can always repair and resurface your artificial turf, but while fake grass cost and grass prices are generally affordable, it would cost a lot since you have to do it every time your artificial turf melts.

Your best way to avoid the melting or burning your artificial turf is to install clear perforated window film. Synthetic grass manufacturers would initially scan the area for any threat that may cause artificial turf melting, and if there are potential risks, you’ll hear the same advice you heard from us – install window films.

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