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Home Remedies in Solve Glare Killing Natural Plants

Is the window glare killing natural plants? Many people are asking this question because they notice that their natural grass and flowers are beginning to wilt after installing Low-E windows.

Low-E windows are excellent energy saving tools because it separates the warm air from the cold temperature. That way, the room will remain cozy regardless of the season. However, this purpose creates a glass reflection that can harm your natural plants.

The window glare appears when the sun reaches the Low-E glazing. This glass window creates a highly concentrated sunlight and directs it to your plants. As a result, the glare from a window kills your natural plants.

Fortunately, you can prevent the window glare from killing your natural plants. You only need to do any of the following house plant care tips:

Home Remedies in Solve Glare Killing Natural Plants

1. Water the plants once a day or every other day.

Watering your grass and plants in your garden will keep them alive regardless of the weather. Do this after 6:00 p.m. or early in the morning. This will give the water droplets enough time to evaporate before the sun hits the window.

If you do it in the middle of the day, water droplets can magnify the sun’s rays, creating additional problems.

2. Change the plants you grow in the affected areas.

Do some research and find out the best plants to grow for every season. For instance, you can grow flowers and bulbs and proceed to your usual indoor plant care routine during the spring and fall. However, keep them away from your windows during the summer season as it is the time in which the temperature rises to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Install awnings.

People say that it is the best window for plants. This special window helps block the sun from hitting the Low-E window; therefore, preventing the glare from killing your natural plants.

4. Apply window film for turf to your windows.

This is the best way to reduce window reflection. The film refracts the light off and deflects off the heat. With this solution, you do not have to deal with the adverse effects of window reflection like in this video:

However, you can only enjoy this feature if you choose Turf Guard Window Film. In addition to protecting your plants from the harsh effects of window glare, this window screen also helps save energy. It brightens up the house as it allows natural light to pass through the window film. Go to our website and find out how our window film prevents the window glare from killing your natural plants and saves energy.

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