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How Animals and Pets Can Damage an Artificial Turf Field

A pet is a good companion to keep. They can keep you company when you are alone or if you want to have some fun.

You already know this, but you can see kids playing on lawns, running and jumping every time the play. But we also know that lawns are where dogs bury their favorite bones, and it is also where they excrete their waste.

No matter what the answer to the question “what is a turf field?”, pets have always been a headache when it comes to lawn maintenance. So if you have a pet and your turf is artificial, this article will tell you how pets can damage safe artificial turf.

By knowing the capacity of your pets to damage the turf ground, you’ll be a step ahead in maintaining your artificial turf for a long time.

Animal Waste on Artificial Turf

One of the biggest worries consumers and even field turf companies face, especially, those who have pets in their homes, is dealing with animal waste. Animal urine and feces can decay, discolor, and kill natural turf ground, and it can leave large bare spots.

However, homeowners who have an artificial turf field installed on their lawns face the same problem. Artificial turf will not be discolored by animals’ urine. However, it can hold the odor of urine and that makes it hard to remove the smell. This can even possibly worsen because of the rubber and the special type of glue in artificial turfs, added by the heat from sunlight. With animal feces, it can be easily removed if it is solid. However, it can really be hard if it is watery.

The Constant Scratching and Digging of Animals and Pets

Animals like to scratch and dig, and dogs and cats are the most common example. There is a woven fabric at the base of the artificial turf field that is designed to resist the persistent scratching and digging of animals. But keep in mind that scratching can still cause damage, especially if the pet is a cat since its claws are sharp.

It can cause the turf fabric to begin to fray or tear. Aside from cats, other animal with claws that constantly scratch and attempt to dig your lawn can damage it. The fiber might wear off and break, damaging the artificial turf.

Ways to Prevent or Lessen your Pet from Damaging your Artificial Turf

An artificial turf can last for 20 years, but if you have pets, it is a different story. To maintain the beauty of your artificial turf here are some tips to take note of:

  1. While your pet is young, make sure to toilet train it in a specific area until it becomes their favorite spot to make cleaning much easier.
  2. Learn to discipline your pets. If possible, hire a dog trainer.
  3. Every time your pet tries to dig or scratch the artificial turf field, pull your pet inside your house.
  4. It is also possible to limit the area where the dog can move. An example would be to keep the pet inside the house or make a house for your pet within the artificial turf field to minimize damage.

Users should also learn how to install field turf in a way that these animals will be given limited access should they prove to be naughty and hard to tame.

As always, you should check out the best turf guard here even if you don’t have your turf installed yet.

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