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How Artificial Turf Melting Can be Likened to a School Bully

Is your artificial turf melting? Many people compare this problem to a school bully because of the disadvantages it offers. However, before we discuss what those setbacks are, let’s discuss why your synthetic turf is melting.

Why Is Your Turf Melting Out?

There are a couple of reasons why this problem occurs. One is the direct application of heat. When you light up a fire pit, sparks could fly everywhere. If they fall directly to the grass, it could result in the disintegration of its blades.

Another reason why your artificial turf is melting is the window reflection. It is one of the leading causes of this damage. When the sun is high, its powerful rays reach the Low-E glass window; thus, creating a magnifying glass effect. This effect reaches the melting point of artificial grass. If the field could not take the heat any longer, it would burn, or worse, disintegrate your beautiful lawn.

How Is Melting Out in Turf Like a Bully?

As mentioned earlier, people compare artificial turf melting to a school bully because of the following reasons:

  1. Your House Becomes a Laughingstock.

In schools, a person who slips or looks geeky becomes subjected to mockery. School bullies laugh at that person because of how he falls or how he looks. You experience the same situation when your artificial grass starts melting.People will stay away from your property because of the appearance of your yard. Moreover, your neighbors can have wrong perceptions about you because of how your garden looks.

  1. It Leaves You With No Money.

Some bullies get your lunch or money during recess. As a result, you have nothing left for you to be able to buy food and eat. The same thing goes for melted turf. Given the fact that fake grass is expensive, it could cost even more if it starts melting. You need to consume gallons of water to keep the area cool or buy a new carpet if melted patches are all over the place.

What to Do to Stop This “Bully”?

There are a couple of ways to stop turf damage. However, some of these tactics are time-consuming, if not expensive. Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy the benefits of having fake grass in your yard. You just need to buy Turf Guard Window Film.

To learn more about this product, you may visit our website and find out how our window screens can protect your artificial turf from melting.

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