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How Can You Protect Your Vinyl Sidings from Melting?

Your home is your sanctuary. Therefore, you exert every effort in making sure that you keep your home safe, and that you protect your home from any danger, whether it be physical or psychological. One way to maintain your home's safety is to make sure to keep the structure safe and protect the house against any elements that might damage it.

One home feature that you might have are vinyl sidings. They are placed on the exterior of the house. Vinyl sidings have plenty of functions and advantages:

  • Since they are on the exterior of the house, they are used for decoration;
  • They are used for weatherproofing, or to protect the house from water or any other elements;
  • Because they are made primarily from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), they are very durable and are safe from molds and termites;
  • They are very resistant to moisture, heat and cold, and can last a long time.

Although vinyl sidings are meant to protect the house, we need to make sure that we protect these vinyl sidings from damage as well.

Vinyl Sidings Protection 101

One major factor that can affect your vinyl sidings or cause them to melt is extreme temperature. When it is too cold, your vinyl sidings may crack. When they do, the vinyl sidings can become brittle. When they get brittle, your home's framing can get damage because water can seep in through the crack. Make sure to always check your vinyl sidings for any cracks to avoid such damage.

Alternately, when the temperature is too high or when it's too hot, your vinyl sidings can melt. However, vinyl sidings will not melt just by the sun's direct sunlight. What causes these vinyl sidings to melt is when the temperature is amplified, and the rays are reflected onto them. What can cause these amplified temperatures?

Protecting Your Vinyl Sidings Against High-Temperature Reflections

Energy-efficient windows are very beneficial to homes because they help save energy. Consequently, they can cause vinyl sidings to melt because the heat and sun rays that they keep out of homes can get reflected onto another home's vinyl sidings, causing them to melt. How can you stop this from happening?

Turf Guard window films can protect vinyl sidings from melting. Just install it outside your window, and it's guaranteed to stop your window from reflecting harmful rays that melt vinyl sidings. For more information on how it works and how you can order, visit windowfilmforturf.com.

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