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How Can You Stop Artificial Grass or Turf from Melting?

Imagine this: You have decided to move into a house with a big yard and a beautiful lawn. One of the things on your checklist would be to look after the lawn and keep the greenery. Upon checking, you see that the grass on your lawn is not live, natural grass, but artificial grass also known as turf. This makes you happy knowing that you don't have to worry about constantly watering and mowing your lawn. You also don't have to worry about fertilizing the grass, because it doesn't need to grow. It's pretty much self-maintenance.

Another good thing about the house you have moved into is that they have energy-efficient windows. This means that heat stays inside the home when it’s cold, and coolness stays inside the home when it’s hot. Everything about the new house seems perfect.

A few weeks pass, for some reason, your artificial grass is turning brown. It can't be dying, it's not alive. What could be causing this?

Energy Efficient Windows: Silent Turf Killer

What you might not realize is that although energy-efficient windows have a lot of advantages, the reflection they emit to your artificial grass or turf is actually melting or 'killing' them. Since the energy-efficient windows function to keep your homes cool, the sunlight it deflects can get reflected to the grass on your lawn and cause them to melt. The temperature gets amplified because of the Low-E glass used by these energy-efficient windows.

Replacing windows will cause a lot of money, and moving in to the new house might have already set you back a lot. You probably don't want to move to another house. You feel that the only option you have now is to replace the grass. You start to think of how much replacing artificial grass will cost. Can you afford it? Maybe you can learn to live with a brown lawn?

Stopping the Silent Turf Killer

You just have to stop worrying. There's an easy solution for your woes. Turf Guard window films are affordable, non-reflective films that you can easily install in your own windows. The Turf Guard window films will stop the sun's reflection from killing or melting your artificial grass your turf so you won't have to worry about living in a house with a brown facade (or brown grass, that is). For more information on how you can stop the silent artificial grass killers, visit windowfilmforturf.com.

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