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How Do You Stop the Window Reflection From Killing the Grass?

Is the window reflection killing the grass? Many people ask this question when they notice that their fields have died after installing Low-E windows. When the sun hits the window coating, it reflects heat away to keep the room temperature cool during summer and warm in winter months.

However, it affects your turf as the window transmits the heat to your grass. Consequently, it creates brown patches on your field.

Fortunately, there are several tactics to prevent the glass reflection from killing the grass. However, you need to remember that these solutions will not remove the cause. Rather, they just reduce the effects of window reflections.

Install Awnings in Your Windows

    One way to stop the sun reflecting off your windows from killing the grass is by installing an awning. This is a type of replacement window that you can place on top of your current window. It is hinged at the head of the window so you can push the cover when you want to open it. However, because it is a replacement window, you need to hire a professional installer to add it to your existing window. If you prefer DIY solutions, then this may not be the best option.

    Change the Landscape of Your Yard

      The second way to stop the window reflection from killing the grass is by revamping the design of your garden. You can put some stones or install a fountain. You can even plant more trees if you like. This solution can prevent the reflection from the window from killing your grass. Aside from that, it will also hide the imperfections of your lawn.

      However, you need to consult a professional landscaper before you change the landscape. He knows the best solution for your needs.

      Water the Plants Every Other Day

        The third way to halt the window reflection from killing the grass is to water the entire field. You need to do this at least thrice a week to keep the turf alive, regardless of the weather. However, you cannot just give the plants water anytime you like. You need to irrigate the entire area early in the morning or after 6:00 PM.

        Water droplets on grass blades may also act as a magnifying glass – they magnify the light, causing the leaves to wilt. Therefore, if you want to avoid the window reflection from burning the grass, then you should water the area before the reflective heat strikes.

        Nonetheless, the best way to stop the glass reflection from burning the grass is by using Turf Guard Window Film. Go to our website and learn how our products halt the window reflection from killing your grass.

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