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How Does Glare From Windows Burn Your Artificial Grass?

Many states are suffering from water shortage. According to statistics, our consumption of water is faster than its renewal. For this reason, the government is encouraging everyone to save water. The best way to conserve water resources is by installing artificial grass in your garden.

The synthetic lawn is a perfect alternative to natural turf. For one, this type requires less attention and maintenance. This means that you don’t need to do any yard work. You only need to wash it to eliminate its odor. Lastly, it provides permanent beauty, making your home attractive all year.

However, the artificial grass is prone to burning and melting. This is because of glare coming from your energy-efficient windows.

How Do Window Reflections Burn Your Turf?

Low-E windows are made to help homeowners cut down their electricity bills. They do this by reflecting the heat away from your home. However, it affects the synthetic grass. The glass used by these windows becomes concave, magnifying and concentrating the sunlight onto your lawn. This effect has resulted in increasing the temperature and burning the synthetic turf.

Unfortunately, window reflections do not only harm your artificial grass. They also distort your vinyl siding.

How to Protect Your Lawn From Reflected Heat

There are several ways to prevent glare from windows. One thing you can do is to plant evergreens. These are natural sun protectors as they block the sunlight from hitting the glass surface. Moreover, they alleviate the temperature of your artificial lawn as they provide fresh, clean air. However, it would take a decade before it could protect your field.

If you want a quick solution, you may opt for window films. But don’t use any window tint. Make sure it’s from Turf Guard Window Film. Unlike other window tinting products, this one doesn’t obstruct the light. The bug-screen-like film allows the natural light to come in and out of the room.

Furthermore, it doesn’t obstruct the glass window’s clarity. You will still be able to enjoy the panoramic view, even if you install it outside your window.

But the best thing about this product is that it’s the only window film that cares for your artificial turf. It has UV blockers that soak up the heat; therefore, preventing melting. It also has anti-glare properties that reduce the adverse effects of window reflections on your lawn.

To ensure you get the best protection for your artificial grass, go to our website and buy Turf Guard Window Film products.

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