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How Does Glare from Windows Melt Backyard Furniture?

The rising popularity and demand for low-emission windows was born from the need to protect house interiors from the scorching heat of the sun and its damaging effects. With more houses using these types of windows, another issue has surfaced.  Solar reflections from these windows are redirected from the interior of the house into the backyard. Surprisingly, these reflections have been shown to induce damage and melt backyard furniture.

Modern windows are installed with low emissivity glass which is covered with a protective coating. These coatings are meant to reduce the quantity of ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through while keeping the amount of visible light that comes in at a maximum level. Instead of absorbing all the heat, the coating redirects it away from the building.

While the coating works to use energy efficiently, the redirected heat has the potential to cause significant damage and melt backyard furniture. Even the solar glare from your neighbor's windows may cause substantial damage. This is because the coating has the tendency to generate a concentrated beam of sunlight and heat. The reflected light brings with it so much heat that any backyard furniture that comes within its path for a long period of time has a high probability of being damaged or melted.

The issue that needs to be addressed next is how to reduce the glare from the windows. This is where turf guard screens with anti-reflective properties come into play.  These protective films prevent sunlight from being transformed into destructive heat beams. They diffuse heat and scatter the light beam to stop it from being focused on one spot. This anti-glare film effectively reduces the heat that is absorbed by outdoor furniture and keeps it from being damaged.

Constant exposure to the sun will eventually give backyard furniture a faded or weathered look. To keep them from looking old, it is important to clean and properly care for them. Cleaning techniques vary depending on the type of furniture. Knowing how to clean outdoor wood furniture is essential in maintaining classic wood pieces. Cleaning steel and iron furniture also requires different methods of upkeep.

To ensure the longevity of backyard furniture, it is also essential to restore outdoor furnishings as soon as they show signs of wear and tear. Sanding, repainting or applying sealant, and keeping them away from forces that may melt backyard furniture are simple ways of maintaining these outdoor pieces.

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