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How Does High Temps on Grass Field Spark Concerns?

A beautiful grass field, especially artificial ones are easier to maintain because there would be no muddy occurrences involved. They can be used in rain or shine situation. No further fertilizers, pesticides, or regular water sprinklers shall be done.

Synthetic grass field can have a lot of advantages and/or benefits most specifically to athletes and coaches. Yet, concerns are being raised too as artificial turf can absorb heat from direct sunlight.

What it is made of and how it is advantageous?

Artificial grass field or turf is made of synthetic fibers that exactly look like an ordinary or natural grass. It is advantageous and beneficial because it does not need trimming and watering to maintain.

The artificial grass field is made for the heavy-duty usage specifically in sports like football/soccer, frisbee, and baseball to name a few. These sports usually need an open and wider grounds and continue even if it is raining or not hence serve as its another advantage.

How can it cause harm?

Artificial grass field can absorb heat from direct sunlight leading to its high temperature. Its exposure to heat on a regular basis can damage individual’s skin and body because of its warmth.

Though the field of maintenance for synthetic turfs is much less than the normal grass, some materials are reportedly not safe for people. Other turfs contain biocides to maintain its quality and prolong it. It can often react to the heat exposure thus can increase infections risks.

Extended exposure to the scorching heat of the sun can even melt the synthetic turf causing it to have chemical reactions. One example of this is the burning smell of plastic that can cause harm and response to the lungs once inhaled.

Synthetic turf can be a problem if not maintained well. Aside from it being damaged due to direct sunlight, it can also cause hazards to individuals exposed to it. Moreover, the blades of the artificial grass can form into dust over a lengthened vulnerability to direct sunlight and rain water.

Choosing a well-developed and advanced artificial grass field material can minimize harm and can be beneficial to its users. Though it might come out as quite costly because of the materials used and installation needed, it is advantageous in the long run.

Researching and learning how to maintain turfs and what material can be favorable even in a long time of usage is a must.

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