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How Does Reflection Kill Natural Grass: Ways to Avoid This Damage

Maintaining your lawn is not easy because you need to mow, fertilize,and water the grass regularly. But what would you do if you realized that the window reflection could kill natural grass?

Unfortunately, not everyone knows it. We all thought that the sun was the only culprit.Even if it can cause a small amount of damage to your lawn, it will not kill the grass. It only happens if there is a reflection in a window.

How Does Glass Reflection Occur?

Window reflections appear when the sun reaches anything reflective like Low-E windows. This is their way to regulate the room temperature. The window pane used by these windows magnifies the sun’s rays, creating a highly concentrated heat. This reflected sunlight bounces onto your lawn. As a result, the reflection kills the natural grass.

How to Stop Window Reflection?

There are many solar heat reduction solutions that you can try. These approaches do not eliminate the cause. Rather, they will only reduce the effects.

1. Water the Grass Before the Sun Hits the Field

When the reflection kills your natural grass, it is not enough to hydrate the area at least three times a week. You need to do this before the sun rises and hits your lawn. Water droplets on grass fibers can also work as a magnifying glass – they can intensify sunlight, which causes further damage.

To prevent this from happening, you need to do it early in the morning or before 6:00 pm. It will give water droplets enough time to evaporate and to be absorbed by the turf.

2. Switch to a Standard Glass Window

Another way to avoid window reflection damage is to change your window panel. It cannot reduce your electricity consumption, but it can reduce the effects of window glare on your grass.

3. Use a Thermal Filter Film for Windows

As the name suggests, this solution reduces heat. Therefore, it reduces the effects of reflected heat on your lawn. Once the sun reaches the window film, it automatically disperses heat throughout your garden. That way, all areas of your yard will get the same amount of temperature,

However, you can only enjoy this benefit if you choose the best window film solution, which is the Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website to learn more about how window reflection kills natural grass, and how our products can prevent this damage.

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